About us

Briefly about us

Let us help you manage your IT Whatever the situation, we have the solution.

At Techno|Boss our consultants and engineers have more than 10 to 20 years experience designing, implementing and supporting IT solutions for companies across Ivory Coast and west Africa.

Whatever your business, the right technology is essential. Our client list spans a varied range of industries from accountancy to agriculture, hospitality to healthcare, law to logistics – we’ve provided our clients with practical yet innovative technology that has helped their companies thrive.

We offer a complete consultancy service, from concept to completion, guiding you through your options and making recommendations on the IT that will serve your business best.

Choosing the right partner to work with when it comes to technology can be key to the success of your business.


Our mission

To help clients see the end result at the beginning. Our efforts are expanded to offer valuable IT Services, ongoing support and software solutions. Our learned IT Consultants and engineers will manage your IT systems more effectively and efficiently. We will also clearly employ personalised and solid technology solutions to give your organisation a competitive edge.

Our values

1. Act with integrity – 2. Strive for perfection, through passion – 3. Understand the need for pragmatism – 4. Seek long term commitment with our clients – 5. Respectful about the environment – 6. Go the extra miles to satisfy our clients

Our vision

Techno|Boss is continuously aiming to be on the bleeding edge of IT Solutions, IT Security, Data Protection & Privacy, and the preferred partner for the selection and integration of Cloud Computing, Business VoIP, Data Network, and we can only achieve this through the expertise and passion of our people. We are committed to ensure that our values drive the way we work with our customers, and each other, in order to deliver future success for all of us.

Our Unique Selling Point

We simplify the complexities of IT by looking at the problem, giving you honest advice and finding a durable solution.  We look after you.

Looking for a First-Class IT partner to power your business?